Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mavin Gaye, My Brother by Frankie Gaye with Fred E. Basten

Any fan of Marvin Gaye would love this book. It gave such background like only a brother could know. Frankie talked about their strict religious upbringing and Marvin’s rise to fame, and of course his untimely death which led to a lot of speculation. The sad part was the Frankie also passed away just before this book came out, but not before finishing his story. I have always enjoyed Marvin Gaye’s music but now listen with a new ear.

Sea Turtles

Sea Turtles Dig the Dark – lights out, why? It can disturb a nesting mother, and/or hatchlings – having them crawl the wrong way. Beachside lights should be off from March – October, or an approved color. Sea Turtles only come on dry land to nest, so seeing one is rare for many people. If you are on a walk and see one at night, do not use a white light flashlight or flash photography. If staying on the beach turn off patio lights and close the blinds. Check out for more information. We recently watch the release of “Bree Varda” a female turtle from the Space Coast. She is taking part in an educational event following the migration of 10 sea turtles being released from different locations. See who is the first to reach 26.2 hundred kilometer marathon, that’s 1,628 miles – you can follow some of the turtles by going go
Leatherbacks are the largest type of sea turtle. They are easy to distinguish because they have a leather looking shell, can measure up to 10 feet! Green Turtles are endanger of being extinct and have even been hunted for their meat.
Hatchlings are threatened by many things; birds, crabs and other wildlife out of the ocean, and in the ocean as well. Humans also pose a threat with lighting, replenishing sand over nests and even sand castles & holes dug in the sand for fun. Remember when you are at the beach to knock down you castle and fill in your holes.

What's in the Bag

In Your Bag – I had family members attend some games that had never been to a tournament before and little league is such a different level in more ways than one. I advised them to bring a beach bag with: towel, SPF, hair band, visor, sun glasses, drinks / snacks, camping chair, something to read during down time, wear no make up, extra face cloth, umbrella (for rain or shade – we have good parents that have canopies) and my goodness do not forget to put SPF on your feet (if in flip flops) on the back of your neck and face SPF on your ears…it happens, trust me.

Fl Softball

Playing in Florida – during the ISA FWS we had a few rain delays, not just rain but full on lighting thunder storms. Of course the Florida girls were the last to seek shelter because we are use to it. What can you do? Not a darn thing. So prepare as a parent. Bring a book or something to do if you plan on waiting it out in your car. Clear your seats well in advance in case you have to make a run for it. Keep extra towels with you or in the car. If the storm is already going seek shelter somewhere else, but keep the complaining down…no one can help.

Mark It

Drinks – this advice is something I never used but just thought about after our girls played a 3 day tournament with one day off then into the ISA Fastpitch World Series. If you buy a case of water, Gatorade, whatever, mark the caps of the bottle. Round sticker, the players initials, a dab of nail polish (well that might take some time) just something so she will know what drink is her’s because they all look alike in a dug out. We waste so much sometimes and my child will not drink after anyone…not even in her own family. So I need to remember my own tip when we get back into the games.